How to convert language in Toyota Prius from Japanese to English and how to do other Japanese car language change?

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Yes, there is, just read our content below or call us now and we will do it for you. Or you can do it your self, just read the info below.

cluster of prius, in japanese

For just 150euro, with a guarantee, we will convert your hybrid Toyota cluster dashboard from Japanese to English. 

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Prius to English switch from Japanese

What Imported Toyota Japanese language cars we can convert from Japanese to the English language?

Toyota Prius 2009 – 2015 ZVW30 STYLE AND RE-STYLE

Toyota Prius 2009 – 2015 ZVW35 STYLE AND RE-STYLE

And many more, just give us a call.

We will modify your Toyota dashboard cluster software by removing Japanese language and adding English instead.

  • You will be able to put euros money in system and current price of it and see every trip cost.
  • You will see 100km/L consumption.
  • You will understand what car wants from you when there is an error or notification, and mechanics in a garage won’t charge you extra, for the unneeded repairs.

Can I do Toyota language conversion change by my self?

Kind of, yes, you can. Let’s speak about it.

You probably got your Toyota Prius from Japan and have NO idea how to read or understand Japanese? No problem, you can go to Japanese language courses and after few years of hard work you will be fluent… HAHA just joking, probably you’re looking for a solution of how to change your Japanese Import car language to English?

There is a bad news about language conversion from Japanese to English if your car is imported from Japan and good news for those people who got the car from Europe.

So, if the car is from Japan you can’t just go to LANGUAGE setting and change it as it is work in Priuses from Europe, they have 6 languages pre-installed English included.

  • But, If your car is from Japan, that means it’s made for internal market of Japan (that makes this car much better build as someone said, everybody knows how good and professional are Japanese engineers and specialists) and they have only language that is Japanese.

How you actually can change Toyota Prius cluster language to English by yourself?

You can order on eBay or somewhere else a new cluster for your model, ensure that it’s for style or re-style Toyota Prius and make sure model number is what you need like zvw30 or zvw35 or zvw20. Also, make sure there is the English language preinstalled. Be careful, if the cluster is from Japan, so I have to say sorry to you my friend, there will be only Japanese language. Make sure it’s from USA or Europe, cause those regions/countries will have English pre-installed.

  • Used cluster on eBay from 200 to 300 euros with delivery (at the moment there are no speedometer clusters not from Japan anyway)
  • Change it in car service from 50 euros to100 euros.
  • There is also big chance that you Cluster will give some error and will not work on your car.

You can also take out and put in new cluster your self as soon as you find English version on market, probably it will happen in few years because Toyota Prius is an amazing durable car that will last for more than 500k KM, here is even tutorial for you how to remove cluster your self.

So it’s about from 250 to 400 euro with no guarantee that it will work, and lots of time wasting and nerves… Give this work for us, few hours and your Toyota is converted to the English language.

You can come over to us, and we will do it for you.  We are based in Ireland, if you are in Europe you can take a trip to Ireland, OR you can send your cluster to us, we will sort it out. We will install English language on your dashboard cluster, test it on our cars and send it back to you.

Our office is based in

Stadium Business Park, Ballycoolin Road, Ballycoolin, Cappoge, Dublin 11

Give us a call about your imported from Japan car language change to English

+353 87 911 0423

TUE-Sun,  10:00-18:00

You can also try to call any of official dealers of TOYOTA, and probably no one is doing that, only we can do it in Ireland at the moment with guaranty. It was already tested in dozens of cars, so don’t be shy, stop struggling with Japanese and just bring your car to us, we will solve your problem.

We will make your life and driving safer and much more pleasant with an understanding of your Toyota needs, and what is more important, what you can do to your car.